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Hello all friends , see you again with me! I think I've seldom really like this post? every day just keep posting about the blog, now I want to make a difference on my post! yes although there are some other purpose of this post:), just kidding! Before continuing to the main topic, whether my friends was having trouble finding a place to store files? or always in trouble every store files? ever happened to my post now discuss about the file storage space is good! on either side is also very, very profitable! okay instead of strings attached and hold, now will I explain, this I will provide information to all my friands about this latest site, its can save our files! there are different ways to share upload, starting from the upload from your computer or upload from a URL! cool right?
uploaded from the first URL I was looking for, because it really practical?
In this web we are able to store files for free, max file size of each of 50 Mb, substantial is not it?

One again, here we also can make some money, because each of our files are downloaded we will get the money, $ 10 for 1000 unique downloads. cool right?
for my friends who are still not clear or pengen further information, my friand can directly come to missupload.com
do not hesitate to come here, at the guaranteed satisfaction!

yups up here go, we meet again another time, keep spirit live on!
Always say no to drugs, care of our earth and peace!


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